Feb 11, 2024

Miller: Continue to schedule routine appointments early

Posted Feb 11, 2024 12:15 PM

Hutch Post

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — Erica Miller, DVM is still the only full time veterinarian at Apple Lane Animal Hospital. That means that for the time being, she still needs people to schedule out their pets regular checkups a little farther than they might otherwise.

"Clients do get reminders a month before their appointment," Miller said. "If you're calling when you get your reminder, you're going to get scheduled for the day your reminder says your pet is due for vaccines. Follow your reminders. You get them early enough to schedule with us. If you're waiting til the day, we're booked out quite a ways."

Miller said it is about a three week wait for those kinds of regular appointments. However, she is still both willing and able to deal with emergencies as they arise.

"Sometimes, it happens where an emergency comes in and the surgery needs to be done that day," Miller said. "We have to push some."

Spays or neuters, as important as they are, are not as emergent as a dog that has something stuck in their digestive tract that has to be removed.

"We try to remind people, if it was your pet that was in that situation, you would want this," Miller said. "The majority of our clients are very understanding, right, they don't want anything to happen to someone else's pet, either."

If you have other questions, you can call Miller's office at (620) 662-0515.

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