Jun 22, 2022

Cosmosphere selected for STEM education workshop

Posted Jun 22, 2022 10:09 AM

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The Cosmosphere announced Tuesday that it will host one of only three summer workshops for area teachers as part of Teachers in Space, a STEM education organization. Twenty-eight teachers from Cosmosphere’s LaunchLearning teacher fellowship will participate in the workshop July 12-15.

During their time at the Cosmosphere, teachers will experience a simulated mission to low Earth orbit using Cosmosphere’s Astralis capsule-based simulator and mission control. They will also work with cutting-edge satellite technology provided by Teachers in Space.

“Along with the weeklong workshop, we’re planning a school yearlong program, where teachers work with students to develop experiments they design and build,” Teachers in Space Project Manager Noah Luogameno said. “We then launch those on a rocket into space, on a suborbital or potentially orbital flight. We want to see teachers build flight-ready experiments that we will fly.”

Teachers in Space is providing an additional opportunity for two of Cosmosphere’s LaunchLearning teacher fellows, Heather Kincaid of Wichita, and Lindsey Baribeau of Rock Creek. They will travel to Vandenberg Space Force Base for Firefly Aerospace’s launch of their Alpha rocket carrying Teachers in Space’s Serenity educational satellite.

“We designed our LaunchLearning teacher fellowship to provide the most relevant STEM education professional development by focusing on space technology and space exploration,” JoAnna Strecker, Cosmosphere’s vice president for education, said. “Through Cosmosphere’s partnership with Teachers in Space, Kansas teachers will bring real world space research and technology to their classrooms.”

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