Sep 25, 2022

🎥 A Day in the Life: Sleep Haven

Posted Sep 25, 2022 11:25 AM

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HAVEN, Kan. — Your good night's sleep may very well come from a small company in Haven. Sleep Haven, which opened in 1938, is a small, locally-owned company that is a manufacturer of Sleep Haven and Restonic mattresses. 

When you walk into the plant, you immediately see the works of the company with a small showroom displaying all of Sleep Haven's products. The company produces about 150 different models and also makes runs of mattresses for colleges and other organizations that use large sleeping quarters, including the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. According to Owner, President and CEO Kevin Evenson, the small company does all of the assembly of mattresses and bases. The company employs 15 people and ships products to furniture stores and sleep shops in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Colorado. The company serves about 60 stores in the business area.

All of the materials used in the manufacturing process come from around the Midwest. The foam, coil springs and all fabric, including fire retardant material, is stored and labeled until ready for use.

The process starts with the top of the mattress, which is put together according to what particular size, firmness and brand that will be run.

The material is quilted in one of three large machines and then trimmed to size.

From there, all of the side panels and other materials are added.

The bottom is also added and, once that is done, the entire assembly is moved to a rotating table where the final build is completed. Glue and sewing is used to assemble the final components.

Another sewing table that rotates around the entire mattress is used to put the final product together.

One of the more popular mattress purchases these days is the “mattress in a box.” The company has acquired a machine to do just that. The mattress is rolled into the machine, which compresses it down to a thickness of one inch.

The product is vacuum sealed and then formed into a tight roll where it is easily boxed and then shipped by UPS. The mattress is popular because it is easy to move into smaller rooms, such as apartments or older houses with narrow doors and tight stairwells.

The company also makes bases for its mattresses, shipping about eight bases for every 10 mattresses. The wood is brought in locally and then assembled to needed specifications.

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