Sep 19, 2023

Fager: Local elections worth registering for

Posted Sep 19, 2023 10:00 AM
Reno Annex 1
Reno Annex 1

Hutch Post

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day and Reno County Deputy Elections Clerk Jenna Fager said that there are plenty of ways to register between now and Oct. 17 so that you can vote in the city and school board elections Nov. 7.

"You could come in to our office," Fager said. "You can go online and register to vote. We have a link on our website for that. You can also go to the DMV, the local library or any city office. They forward them on to us."

Registering to vote is simple, just have proof of you who are when you do so.

"You just need to fill out the voter registration card and then you'll need to put your driver's license number on there," Fager said. "If you don't have your driver's license number, you'll need to send in a copy of your ID."

The number of voter registrations in Reno County stays pretty static from year to year.

"It doesn't fluctuate too much, until you get into the federal elections," Fager said. "Then, we start getting a lot more voter registrations in. We've got about 42,000."

Fager said that there are three ballot questions on local ballots this November.

One is a county-wide question regarding whether or not their should be a minimum food purchase to sell beer or liquor in the county. A second is a local question in Pretty Prairie about whether or not to keep their breed specific dog ban and a third is a question in The Highlands about whether or not to allow short term home rentals (think Airbnb) in that incorporated city.

Those questions are in addition to contested local office and/or school board races in most of the cities in the county. 

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