Apr 04, 2024

Central Christian College to add cybersecurity, data science offerings

Posted Apr 04, 2024 3:19 PM
Central Christian College of Kansas
Central Christian College of Kansas

Central Christian College of Kansas

MCPHERSON, Kan. — Central Christian College of Kansas (CCCK) announced Thursday it is adding two new concentrations to provide students with expertise in high-growth areas in which employers are searching for talent. New offerings include Cybersecurity (https://www.centralchristian.edu/cybersecurity) and Data Science/AI (https://www.centralchristian.edu/datascience).


The 0% unemployment rate for Cybersecurity graduates reflects the ever-increasing role they have across the globe - roles which increasingly go beyond coding into management, structures, analysis and more. CCCK’s new Cybersecurity concentration equips students with the technical and business knowledge needed to secure the high-paying and growing jobs in this field, all without needing to be high-ranking programmers. Portfolio-building and project-based classes ensure a robust resume before graduation, and allow students to demonstrate the skills they need to land the best jobs in the field.


With the field of Data Science now underpinning every industry on the globe, and a reported 97% of businesses investing in improving their data systems, CCCK students pursuing a concentration in Data Science will be learning job-focused skills needed to succeed in this growing industry. Built with the University of Michigan’s Dr. Charles Severance, and structured around the UC Berkeley’s internationally recognized data curriculum structures, graduates will be poised to succeed in an industry expected to grow at 4x the national average over the next decade.

“We are thrilled to provide students with additional options within the Management major that help them learn the skills that employers are asking for,” Professor Melissa Kent said in the release. “These two new concentrations were created with the involvement of experts in the industry and should help prepare our students for exciting careers in these fields.”

Dr. Lara Vanderhoof, Chief Academic Officer added, “I commend our faculty for working to create these new programs that are so relevant to today’s job marketplace. These two new areas of academic study will be highly relevant to the workplace and economy for years to come and I’m excited we have added these to help prepare students for the rapidly changing landscape in the digital age.” These new programs are available starting Fall 2024 through a partnership with the Lower Cost Models Consortium (LCMC) and Rize Education. The LCMC is a strategic partnership of private colleges and universities across the country collaborating with Rize Education to provide access to a cutting-edge curriculum that prepares students for successful careers.

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