Mar 18, 2023

56th and Nickerson Road reopened, overall project still slated for June

Posted Mar 18, 2023 11:01 AM
<br>The map shows the March 16 road openings in black and the road closures in white.&nbsp;

The map shows the March 16 road openings in black and the road closures in white. 

RENO COUNTY, Kan. —  The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) announced Friday that Nickerson Road from West 95th Avenue to West 108th Ave., the Rice/Reno county line, reopened late the afternoon of March 17 as part of ongoing work on the K-14 realignment project. The opening had been delayed briefly due to weather.

At Nickerson Road, ramps leading to the new K-14 alignment will be barricaded to prevent traffic from entering the new highway alignment until it opens as expected in June.

Additionally, a short section of Riverton Road is now permanently closed between West 95th and West 108th where Riverton intersects the new alignment.

West 69th Ave is also permanently closed between North Herren Road and North Dean Road where it intersects the new alignment.

The road changes are northwest of Hutchinson, to the Reno/Rice county line, and are part of changes associated with the new highway alignment.

A section of 56th Avenue northwest of Hutchinson also reopened Friday after being closed since October 2021 to allow for construction of the K-14 realignment.

That portion of 56th Avenue extends from the existing junction with K-14/96 east to Yaggy Road.

Construction of the K-14 realignment continues, so ramps leading from the reopened 56th Avenue to the realigned highway will be barricaded until the realigned highway opens. The project is expected to be completed by June 16.

The Kansas Department of Transportation realignment project started in the spring of 2021. This a 15-mile, $81.7 million realignment of K-14. The work stretches from near Hutchinson, to Nickerson, to Sterling. Bob Bergkamp Construction Co. Inc., of Wichita, is the primary contractor.

During the work, traffic will continue to use the existing K-14/96 alignment in Reno and Rice counties.

The Reno County portion of the realignment will be from about 4.5 miles southeast of Nickerson northwest to the Reno/Rice county line. The length is a little over 7 miles.

The Rice County portion of the realignment will be from the Reno/Rice county line to just north of the K-96/Avenue T junction. The length is about 8 miles.

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