May 31, 2023

Pennington Road bridge update

Posted May 31, 2023 9:45 AM
Pennington Closed May 26 2023-From Google Maps
Pennington Closed May 26 2023-From Google Maps

RENO COUNTY —  Reno County Public Works Director Don Brittain updated Hutch Post Tuesday on the closure of Pennington Road between Nickerson Boulevard and 43rd.

"It is a county bridge on a township road, and it will be closed until repaired," Brittain said Tuesday. "It will take the use of a crane to repair the bridge and our crane is currently in use, building a new bridge. That bridge construction should be completed in around four or five weeks and after completion, we will move the crane to the Pennington location and repair the bridge. The repair should take no longer than one week."

The KDOT Local Bridge Load Rating program inspected and closed the bridge due to a lower load rating.

If you have questions about this closure or any Reno County Public Works project, call Brittain at 620-694-2976.

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