Sep 23, 2021 8:09 PM

Traffic around high school continues to be problematic

Posted Sep 23, 2021 8:09 PM

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — It is certainly nothing new. The area around Hutchinson High School and HutchCC gets very congested during the afternoon dismissal at the high school. The district sent a notice out to students and parents reminding them of ways to make the trip to pick up their student easier.

The school has fielded numerous complaints of students not paying attention to traffic, traffic itself backing up and taking 15 minutes to get through the line. The district says some of the solutions for getting in and out of the area quicker include:

Parking in the Sports Arena lot and have your child walk to you. Another option is to find out where your child's 5th hour is and pick them up on that side of campus. Whether it be on the north side by T-Building or out on Severance to the east of campus, this will greatly reduce the traffic in front of the school.

If you choose to use the crescent drive to have curbside pickup, then you are accepting the chance that you might not make it in and out in 30 seconds. If you choose this route, park on the red fire lane curb to wait for your child, do not park in the middle to wait between cars parked on the curb and cars parked in the parking stalls. This causes cars to be unable to move through the drive to the exit, therefore causing traffic to back up out onto 13th as well as into Severance.

The same goes for 13th Avenue. If you are waiting for your child, park in a legal parking area. Do not stop in the middle of the street to wait for your child. This, again, causes traffic to back up on 13th and Severance.

Lastly, talk to your child about hanging around after school. If you are there to pick them up at 3:24 but they stand at the front of the building hanging out and goofing off with friends for 20 minutes, this only keeps your vehicle in the pick-up line longer than necessary.

The school says it does not want to close down the crescent drive during pick-up, but if this continues, then it’s going to be the next step. Since it is a fire lane, closing the lane may be necessary.

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