Jul 21, 2021

South Hutchinson to step up code enforcement efforts

Posted Jul 21, 2021 8:00 PM

SOUTH HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The city of South Hutchinson will begin stricter code enforcement starting next month. The action comes after approval was given by the South Hutchinson City Council.

At Monday’s council meeting, the governing body approved changes new City Administrator Joe Turner proposed on how the city will handle junked vehicles and other nuisances. That includes removing notification requirements requiring certified mail with return service and personal service by the public officer/police officer for alleged offenders living in Reno County, adding inoperable trailers to the junked vehicles code, and raising municipal court fines to a $100 minimum fine per violation.

The city hopes the changes will streamline the process of removing blight and improving public safety. Additionally, it will give the municipal code more teeth to encourage compliance. 

In a social media post, residents were informed that the junked and inoperable vehicles code will be proactively enforced starting on Aug. 2.

Residents who are having difficulty coming into compliance with the nuisance codes are strongly encouraged to contact South Hutchinson City Hall so a resolution can be found.

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