Aug 16, 2022

Haven City Council discusses use of golf carts on city streets

Posted Aug 16, 2022 4:39 PM

HAVEN, Kan. — The Haven City Council discussed but took no action on whether to allow golf carts on city streets at their meeting Monday. The discussion came up at the request of City Councilwoman Sandra Williams. Williams is in favor of changing the local rules to allow golf carts with appropriate lights and turn signals on Haven city streets between sunset and sunrise. 

Councilman Austin Borden said during Monday’s meeting that some folks, particularly those who live and work within the city, have voiced their preference to drive their golf carts to and from work. Police Chief Stephen Schaffer checked into about ten other cities similar in size to Haven. Six of them allowed day-use only, and nine out of ten of those cities required registration with their city. Some other cities had safety requirements that must be met, such as passenger limitations, 7’ flag, and “slow moving vehicle” signs. Schaffer said he personally does not agree with allowing UTVs and golf carts on city streets at all. 

He did say that if the council chose to go against his recommendation, he suggested the city require registration and implement other safety requirements on all special vehicles, including golf carts and UTVs. He noted an ordinance would have to be written, considered, and adopted, and decals would have to be purchased. Mayor Adam Wright suggested that if citizens are indeed in favor of the change, they need to make their stance on the issue known to the council by attending the next meeting. 

Williams urged those in favor of changing the ordinance to email her with “yea.” Councilman Mark Robinson asked Williams if she would accept emails from those against changing the ordinance as well which she agreed to. The matter was then tabled.

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