Nov 29, 2023

Salvation Army $20 bill challenge returns

Posted Nov 29, 2023 7:08 PM
20 Dollar Bill-Photo by Nick Gosnell
20 Dollar Bill-Photo by Nick Gosnell

Salvation Army

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The Salvation Army’s $20 Bill Challenge returns to the Reno County community this weekend thanks to the generous support of local donors putting up a $5,500 challenge to match every $20 bill dropped in a Red Kettle on Saturday, December 2. In addition, The Salvation Army would like to expand that challenge to the other remaining 2 Saturdays during the Red Kettle campaign if other donors would like to take part.

The challenge serves two purposes, increase awareness about the iconic Red Kettles that will be out at Hutchison retailers now through Christmas Eve, and raise additional funds to support The Salvation Army’s programs designed to support Reno County families in need. “This year we’ve already helped about 800 families with Dillons gift cards for Thanksgiving through our partnership with Project Concern, we have additional families who have signed up for Christmas food baskets, and over 1000 children who will receive toys.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the donors who want to challenge the community to join them in support of our families,” Major Paul James said. “The $20 Bill Challenge is a fun way for our donors to get involved by dropping a $20 bill into a Red Kettle.”

Only $20 Bills count toward the challenge, so any other combination of bills adding up to 20 dollars won’t work. The bills must have Andrew Jackson’s portrait on them. Donors can help meet the challenge match by dropping their twenties in any one of The Salvation Army’s 13 Red Kettle locations across Reno County, including the three in downtown Hutchinson.

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