Jul 10, 2024

Yoder water financing going forward

Posted Jul 10, 2024 2:46 PM

Hutch Post

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — At Wednesday's Board of County Commissioners meeting, Reno County held a public hearing on the usage of state revolving loan funds for the project to get Hutchinson water to Yoder to mitigate the nitrate issue in Water District 101.

"I know the city and the county are working together on, I guess, the cost to get the water from Yoder, or from Hutchinson to Yoder," said Reno County Administrator Randy Partington. "The city sent us a contract and we had a couple questions. We sent that back to them last week. And we're hoping to get that in front of the city council and county commission sometime in August or September."

The loan is for $1 million, with a grant for $600,000 due to come in to help, and then forgiveness of a portion of the loan, as well.

"It's because there is the nitrate issue there within the Yoder system," said Rosemary Saunders with Ranson Financial Group, who is helping with the financing. "This is correcting that by being able to hook it up to a safe potable water source. And that's why loan forgiveness is available for the project. It's basically 30% up to a million dollars on a project."

The motion was passed unanimously.

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