Nov 28, 2020 3:15 AM

Covid-19: My Story - Weekly Podcast

Posted Nov 28, 2020 3:15 AM

Though COVID-19 has an effect on the nation and world, we know that what's happening here has much more impact. That's why COVID-19: My Story was born.

We'll hear from real people who have had the virus and delve further into their personal experiences.  We'll also spend time with experts from here trying to keep you safe.

Episode 13 is with Pastor Kent Pedersen

Kent Pedersen:

There's no perfect answers. I just wish more people, during all of this, on the news and places of leadership, I wish more people would just say the words, "I don't know. We're doing the best we can." Let's do the best we can to be respectful of others. I don't know if the mask works or not. I got it. I wore the mask a lot but the reason I wear a mask is to be polite. It's because they're asking us to do it and it doesn't hurt us. It doesn't hurt me to do that.

Episode 12 is with Nursing Home Administrator Rebeka Jones

Rebeka Jones:

Someone could be just fine, and the next thing, they're in the ER and having complications. But you have to remember those that maybe have infections, they're more prone to infections. They just had surgery. They have COPD.

Episode 11 is with Peggy Ramos

Peggy Ramos:

I had a sister that had COVID and she was in the hospital for eight days, had the COVID pneumonia. She has since been good. She's still recovering. You don't just get over COVID very quickly. Most people don't.

Episode 10 is with ICU Nurse Jon Miller

Jon Miller:

It's no respecter of age or how healthy you were before. The virus has been very opportunistic. And if you have any kind of co-morbidities, either diabetes or high blood pressure, it finds a weakness in some way and can have its effect. 

Episode 9 is with DJ Gering

DJ Gering:

Since that time at the end of September to when we are talking now, there's been 600 cases in the community. So we have equaled our amount for six months in one month.

Episode 8 is with Cory Griffith's

Cory Griffith's:

You don't have the energy level. A conversation with your wife or another loved one lasts about one to two minutes, so that takes its toll on you as you are in isolation from everybody for a week.

Episode 7 is with Dr. Scott Pauly

Dr. Scott Pauly: 

I am confident in telling you if we would have even more participation in community testing, we would have less cases in the hospital. We would have less cases in the nursing home. We would catch patient zero earlier and not be dealing with patient 55, 56.

Episode 6 is with Seth Dewey

Seth Dewey:

The cough, the chest pain and of course the fever. The extreme fatigue was what really got me too, I would get up to let's say, make lunch or something. And I felt like I ran a marathon. It felt like the flu times ten.

Episode 5 is with Reno County Epidemiologist Elliot Koester

Nick Gosnell:

We're taking a bit of a different approach to the podcast this week, as I had the chance to interview Reno County epidemiologist, Elliot Koester. Here is our conversation...

Episode 4 is with Linda and Tony Ojeda

Linda Ojeda:

On August 29, I had opened a jar of Vicks for Tony and I couldn't smell it. And I thought, uh-oh...

Episode 3 is with Cathy Kilpatrick

Cathy Kilpatrick:

Now, I was there for 11 days and of those 11 days, seven of them, I was in ICU and that was not fun.

Episode 2 is with Hutchinson resident Susan Puls.

Susan Puls:

I'm usually very healthy. And the next thing I know, I'm on the floor and the EMT's helped him get me to the testing center. So, it is unlike...everybody thinks it's the flu or a bad cold, or a sinus infection. In my lifetime, I've never experienced anything like this...(Click for full transcript)

Episode 1 is with Dr. Rex Degner from Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System.

Dr. Rex Degner:

I found out mostly through news sources, commercial news sources, before it started coming out in the professional literature. The COVID virus was first recognized back in late 2019 and gets its name COVID for Coronavirus 2019. So that's when it was first truly discovered as a new entity...(Click for full transcript)

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