Jul 10, 2024

Sheriff: Kansans sending bitcoin to scam caller

Posted Jul 10, 2024 3:30 PM

BUTLER COUNTY —For the last several weeks a man has been making phone calls while representing himself as a member of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, according to Undersheriff Daimon Cundiff.

Last week, the suspect used a retired Lieutenant’s name and has also  been using the name of a Butler County Patrol Captain. He has been successful in in getting people to send money in the form of bitcoin by using threats of arrest and has been known to be very aggressive over the phone.

Cundiff reminded, "the Butler County Sheriff’s Office will never call you on the phone to collect money for fines, court fees, etc."

"The scammer has been able to spoof our Sheriff’s Office main line of 316-322-4254 so the call may appear to come from our office.  We would like to alert the public to this growing scam and remind them to not give money over the phone to anyone without verification of identity."