Dec 15, 2020 7:49 PM

Podcast featuring Bob Davis - The Dream is Real My life on the airwaves!

Posted Dec 15, 2020 7:49 PM

by Glen Grunwald - Eagle Radio Hutchinson Sports Director

Bob Davis is a storyteller - and an outstanding one at that.

As told in "Bob Davis - The Dream is Real" manuscript, "for 48 years, Davis told his stories on a broadcast platform touching nearly every level of competition from high school, to small college, to large university, to minor league, to major league sports. With his distinctive deep voice tinged with passion and emotion, he told a story that made us feel like we were right there.".- 

I knew Bob when he was at KAYS radio and was named the voice of the Fort Hays Kansas State College Tigers in 1968 in Hays, Kansas.  Fort Hays was renamed Fort Hays State University in the early 70's. Let me clarify, I knew Bob....but he didn't know me.  I was a sophomore at Fort Hays assisting various athletic teams as a student trainer and manager but when the Tigers were on the road, I'd listen to Boy on KAYS Radio describe all the action! Little did we know we had a mutual friend.  Dennis Franz worked with Bob at KAYS and was my room mate after he returned from Vietnam to Fort Hays to renew his academic studies.  Dennis introduced me to radio sports casting in 1985.  My other meeting with Bob was at various Kansas Association of Broadcaster meeting trough the years.  Our paths have crossed by association with several coaches and athletes in both Hays and Lawrence as well as sharing a couple of KAB and KSHSAA awards.  Bob was named the Hod Humiston Award for Excellence in Broadcasting in 1991.  I received the award in 2017.  Bob won the Oscar Stauffer award for High School Broadcasting twice.  I received the same honor this past spring.  Doubt I'll win another, but maybe.  Bob has an amazing memory which is probably what made him such a great story teller.

I think you will enjoy this podcast.  Bob is one of a kind.  They don't make broadcasters like Bob anymore.  Bob had a way of making you feel like an old friend just out fishing with you telling you a story or two.  

Hearing a game with Bob Davis on the call was certain to entertain.

Bob Davis - The Dream is Real will be released on and will also be available for purchase at various Dillon's Stores across Kansas.  It is also available on: