Nov 30, 2023

Mother investigated after boy died in fall from KC apartment

Posted Nov 30, 2023 12:00 PM
First responders at the scene of the investigation -photo Sheriff Daryl Forte'
First responders at the scene of the investigation -photo Sheriff Daryl Forte'

KANSAS CITY —Law enforcement authorities investigating the death of a boy found in an alley in downtown Kansas City have identified him as 5-year-old  Grayson O’Connor.

Surveillance footage confirms he fell from an apartment building on Monday. However, the circumstances surrounding how he fell is still under investigation, according to KCPD Captain Corey Carlisle.

-Grayson O'Connor photo courtesy KCTV
-Grayson O'Connor photo courtesy KCTV

Just after 11a.m. Monday officers were dispatched to 10th and Grand Avenue, according to Police Captain Corey Carlisle.

First responders located the boy who was suffering from bodily trauma. EMS pronounced him dead at the scene. 

Detectives are still working to decide if this was a homicide or child neglect/endangerment case.  As of now it is being investigated as a suspicious death, according to Carlisle.

The boy's mother was transported to the hospital the day of the incident and is the subject of interest in the investigation.

Detectives are in contact with the prosecutor’s office and both are working diligently to present the best case for consideration of charges by the Jackson County Prosecutor’s office.   

The child and his mother live at the apartment building, due to the ongoing investigation, police did not release the apartment number or floor.

It is believed the boy fell from the apartment window, the means of how that happened is still under investigation.