Jan 24, 2022

Austin suspends campaign for State Treasurer

Posted Jan 24, 2022 4:07 PM

Economist Michael Austin released a letter to the media Monday announcing the suspension of his Republican campaign for State Treasurer.

"After many prayers and discussions with family, I have decided to suspend my campaign for Kansas State Treasurer," Austin said. 

"Like you, I’ve always believed a public servant is honest, humble, and willing to serve. I made this belief the foundation of my campaign for public office. I used my economic and public policy skills to provide solutions to the pressing issues on Kansans’ minds like Critical Race Theory, inflation, and many others. I helped elect many Kansas patriots to school board and local government positions. I worked to inspire Kansans with my familial belief that Americans can achieve anything if we keep our faith in the Lord, our family, and our freedom.

"The response to my campaign has been an absolute blessing. Despite never running for office, I poll among two career politicians and a former congressional candidate. Over 250 of you donated to our campaign and over 5,000 of you signed up to stay up to date with our endeavors. The campaign in many respects is a smashing success.

"Unfortunately, despite reaching many intended goals, the campaign fell short in others. Though I am suspending my campaign for Treasurer, I want you to know my fight for more freedom is far from over.

"Teddy Roosevelt famously stated glory should go to those, 'who spend themselves in a worthy cause.' I believe that I can serve my fellow Kansans in the near future. I promise to be a voice and defender for those who have their rights infringed, and I will never stop fighting for individuals who seek life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."