Jun 25, 2022

⚾️ 🎥 Hutchinson Monarch Baseball upcoming games

Posted Jun 25, 2022 9:53 AM
                        The Monarchs on HutchPost.com
                        The Monarchs on HutchPost.com

HUTCHINSON, Kan.—Hutchpost.com will be the on-line site for the 2022 Hutchinson Monarchs Baseball home games this season. Hutchpost.com will video stream with live play-by-play all 18 home games throughout the Monarchs season.  Most road games will be provided by the opposing teams either on YouTube.com or Facebook.  Hutchpost.com will try to post those links as they become available.

Link: Monarchs @ Great Bend - @ 7pm Saturday 6/25 on Bat Cats YouTube Channel

Link: Monarchs vs Great Bend [email protected] 7pm Tuesday 6/28

Link: Monarchs vs Great [email protected] 7pm Wednesday 6/29

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