Nov 26, 2021 2:15 PM

Nightingale: Board's job is the 'what', administration's is the 'how'

Posted Nov 26, 2021 2:15 PM


Hutch Post

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — Nickerson-South Hutchinson USD 309 Superintendent Curtis Nightingale sees a clear set of duties for both a school board and an administration when they are working well together.

"More often than not, if you look at it just from the macro view, a board's responsibility is to establish the what for a district, then the administrators are to establish the how," Nightingale said. "Normally, what happens with that is you have your district try to help you develop exactly what they want the district to look like, what they want a graduate to look like, those types of things. The administration then develops their how plan, how they are going to meet those goals."

Nightingale sees it as his responsibility to explain to the board and show them what that how looks like.

"Make sure that they are on board with it and it's something that they could defend, if they get caught at the coffee shop or wherever and get asked a question about it," Nightingale said. "It's important that they have a full understanding of exactly where we're headed and why we're doing it the way we're doing it. I think, the worst thing that I can do is leave them flat-footed, where they don't know how answer or how to respond to a question. At the end of the day, while that's a reflection on me, it's actually a reflection on them, because they are supposed to be involved. It's really important that I'm as transparent and as up front as I can be, in terms of my communication with them about what's going on."

Nightingale is in his first year as the USD 309 Superintendent.