Jan 25, 2024

Daily Bookings

Posted Jan 25, 2024 9:56 AM

Here’s the latest booking activity from the Reno County Jail. This information is provided by the Reno County Sheriff’s Office and is not criminal history. The Hutch Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. ——————————————           

1/25/2024 3:19 AM-Jayden Matthew Leffel Adams-Violation of conditions of release, on parole, conditional release or postrelease supervision

1/25/2024 2:57 AM-Zachary Joseph Phillips-Viol protection order; Pre-trial order; Interference with Law Enforcement; Obstruct, Resist, Oppose, Misd case, Execution of Misd Warrant; Criminal Trespass; Defiance of Order; Failure to Appear

1/25/2024 2:27 AM-Eric Michael Wise-Failure to Appear 

1/25/2024 12:18 AM-Abagail Jean Kriefels-Domestic Battery; Knowingly Cause Physical Contact (1st conviction)

1/24/2024 7:59 PM-Blaine Alan Rohn-Theft; By Deception; $1,500 to $24,999 

1/24/2024 7:16 PM-Makinna Davionna Meier-Failure to Appear 

1/24/2024 7:15 PM-Timothy James Hoffman-Poss of marijuana; 2 or more prior convictions; Use or Possess with Intent to use Drug Paraphernalia into Human Body; Probation Violation

1/24/2024 6:14 PM-Tina Marie Hoffman-Viol protection order; Pre-trial order 

1/24/2024 3:29 PM-Macannah Sayre Smith-Failure to Appear 

1/24/2024 9:54 AM-Devon Jordan Farra-Failure to Appear

1/24/2024 7:19 AM-Tevin Demarkus Bradshaw-Drugs; Distribute Marijuana or Analog thereof; 25g to < 450g