Nov 11, 2022

Kids to put on Peter Pan at Partridge school this weekend

Posted Nov 11, 2022 2:25 PM

Hutch Post

The cast of Peter Pan prepares for the play November 11 and 12.
The cast of Peter Pan prepares for the play November 11 and 12.

PARTRIDGE, Kan. — A group of 20 kids from Reno County will be putting on the play Peter Pan Friday and Saturday night at the former Partridge Grade School at 5 West Ave. C in Partridge.

"The youngest would be eight or nine, up to probably 16 would be the oldest," said costumer and crew member Dalena Wallace. "We really wanted to involve as many as we could. Looking at scripts and trying to cast that many kids, we landed on Peter Pan and it's been really fun."

For Danny Green, who plays the boy who never grew up, he's excited to get on the stage.

"I'm a little nervous about it," Danny Green said. "Now, I'm just like, get up on stage and let's do it."

It's the first performance ever for most of the cast and the behind the scenes crew, but learning how to work together is the point of the whole thing. Danny's mom Larissa Green has been helping backstage.

"The kids are really good at encouraging one another, as well," Larissa Green said. "Backstage, they are making sure they are where they are supposed to be and complimenting one another. That's been really great to see."

The curtain goes up Friday night and Saturday night at 7 p.m. There is no charge to attend.