May 21, 2020 3:16 PM

Sheriff issues release as inmate in Reno County positive for COVID-19

Posted May 21, 2020 3:16 PM


From Reno County Sheriff Darrian Campbell

Last weekend an arrestee was booked into the Reno County Correctional facility for felony drug distribution charges. Initial screening of the inmate indicated siblings in the household were positive. Upon further investigation by arresting Deputies the 911 Dispatch Center in the jurisdiction he/she resided in was contacted, early morning hours the Health Dept was not open. The inmate’s address or siblings’ names were not confirmed as being positive or being tracked by that agency at the time.

Mid-morning on the 18th, after court, the bond was not lowered, and the inmate indicated he/she resides with two family members who are positive for COVID-19. The inmate was moved to quarantine immediately and the other inmates she was housed with were locked down in individual cells. Through the Reno County Health Department, we were able to confirm there were two siblings positive for COVID-19 at the inmate’s address. The inmate was tested and the sample was sent to the lab. Late afternoon of the 20th the results came back positive for COVID-19.

Currently there are seven inmates identified which have been isolated and will be tested on the 21st, the samples will be sent to the lab. There are nine employees which have been identified as having direct contact with the inmate and are in self quarantine. They will all be tested the morning of the 21st also.

At this time, we believe all persons which have had direct contact with this individual have been identified and put on notice for isolation and testing.

The health and welfare of our employees and the inmates in our custody are of the utmost importance and priority.