May 19, 2020 2:46 PM

Marshall taking hydroxychloroquine prophylactically due to work in clinics

Posted May 19, 2020 2:46 PM


Hutch Post

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — Kansas First District Congressman Dr. Roger Marshall says he and his family are taking hydroxychloroquine prophylactically. He trusts the science.

"I think there's enough good studies out there," Marshall said Tuesday. "If you're over the age of 65, in my case, if you're exposed to the virus, in my case working in those clinics, that I think it's a good idea to take the hydroxychloroquine prophylactically as well as zinc."

Marshall is clear that you must talk to your doctor first before starting any drug regimen.

"That's a decision for you and your doctor," Marshall said. "Each person's medical situation is unique. I think it's a very safe drug. It's been around for, goodness, 60 years. Every year, we're giving thousands of people this drug. People with say, lupus and other autoimmune problems. We use this drug for malaria. I've taken it when we've done mission work across the world and we go into malaria-infected countries, you take this prophylactically, as well."

Marshall said he is glad President Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine.