May 20, 2020 12:45 AM

Sheriff: Kansas suspect found hiding in a closet

Posted May 20, 2020 12:45 AM
Harris photo Montgomery Co.
Harris photo Montgomery Co.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY — Law enforcement authorities are investigating a suspect on multiple charges after a chase and search.

Just after 10:30p.m. Saturday, a sheriff's deputy attempted to conduct a traffic investigation on a 2013 Ford Taurus for inoperable tail lights in Independence, Kansas, according to Sheriff Ron Wade.

The deputy advised dispatch and other deputies that the vehicle was refusing to stop and driving recklessly.

Deputies joined the pursuit at Oak and 21st street in Independence and proceeded through the soccer field on Peter Pan Road.

Deputies suspended chase through the field and positioned themselves on county roads surrounding the field where they were able to see a subject run from the vehicle.

Deputies approached the vehicle on foot and cleared the vehicle for any other suspects and then began to follow footprints in the mud until they could no longer see them. Deputies cleared the area and responded to the address that the vehicle was registered to on Peter Pan Road.

Once at the residence the owner of the vehicle advised that 57-year-old Tonia Kay Harris was driving the vehicle.

The owner of the residence stated that Harris was not there at that time. Deputies returned the following day to apprehend her. She was hiding in a closet, according to Wade.

Deputies booked Harris on requested charges that include Fleeing or Attempting to elude a LEO, Theft of property/services, Interference with LEO, Criminal damage to property, Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked.