Mar 24, 2020 10:45 AM

Think ahead to keep kids safe at home with no school

Posted Mar 24, 2020 10:45 AM


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HUTCHINSON, Kan. — If you have to leave your kids home alone because you still need to work while they don't have school, be prepared to help them stay safe while you're gone.

"If you are still working, be sure you leave some pre-prepared snacks, maybe some sandwiches, things that don't need a lot of work, while they're not being supervised," said Cherie Sage, state director for Safe Kids Kansas.

It's also possible that older kids may have other things that are normally supervised by adults at school that they need to do at home.

"Kids that are a little bit older, some of them may have regular medication they have to take," Sage said. "They may be used to having either someone at school or a parent doling that out. Make sure that you talk to kids about the importance of, if you are self-medicating, how to do it properly, how to document so you don't take too much."

The Safe Kids Kansas website at has a special section for home safety.

"There are some good childproofing checklists so you can go through your house," Sage said. "It's hard. There are so many different potential hazards in the home. We know that's the number one location that injuries happen for children. That just kind of helps you go room by room and find out what those hazards are so you can take care of them. Also, there is a link with suggested guidelines as far as what age is it safe to leave children at home. Also, when kids are old enough to be home alone, what are the conversations that you need to have with them to get them prepared for that responsibility."

This includes questions like what do you do if the smoke alarms go off, what do you do if there is a tornado warning and many more.

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Mar 24, 2020 10:45 AM
USD 308 approves graduation guidelines for seniors

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The Hutchinson USD 308 school board approved lowering the needed credit hours to graduate high school from 26 to 21 credits.

The action came during a special meeting on Monday. The 21-credit waiver was offered by the Kansas State Department of Education. Hutchinson High School Principal Ryan Ewy made the request to the district. The proposal will include all current 2019-2020 Hutchinson High School students that have met the Kansas State Board of Education requirements, including Government and English 12, along with a minimum of 21 credits. Ewy also requested that no more coursework be required for the students meeting the above criteria.

Students who have not yet met the minimum requirement of 21 credits will complete their remaining requirements through a combination of online and paper packet resources. Those students that do not currently have internet capability will be provided the appropriate equipment and service.

That question also came up Monday about making sure computers and the internet are available to all students. Superintendent Mike Folks indicated that the district may have enough computers to provide a family with one. If more are available, they would try to accommodate each student from fifth grade on up. Folks also reported that no internet providers have come forward offering services to the district at this time.

As far as putting the coursework together, Folks says they will continue to work on online curriculum this week. The district has to have a plan in place for the state no later than April 8.