Jan 09, 2020 12:04 AM

Movie news you can use

Posted Jan 09, 2020 12:04 AM



Hutchinson has missed out on several top-rated end of the year movies but not so with "1917." The highly acclaimed World War I film opens this weekend nationally and in Hutchinson at B&B Theaters.  

Already winner of Golden Globes best drama honors and certain to be among the Academy's best movie nominees, "1917" is somewhat reminiscent of World War I's "Saving Private Ryan," but without the star power of Tom Hanks. It is about two British soldiers who must cross enemy territory on a mission to stop an attack that will kill 1,600 of their comrades. World War I featured horrific brutality and it is much on display in this R-rated drama. It also gets high marks for the technical achievements in how it was filmed by Director Sam Mendes, who also won Golden Globes Best Director honors.

In addition to "1917," there are two other new movies opening in Hutchinson. "Underwater" accomplishes much in the technical filming world and was filmed with a budget nearly as much as "1917's" $90 million.  It takes place seven miles below the ocean surface where mysterious creatures terrorize crew members. This science fiction horror film is rated PG-13.

Also new is "Like A Boss,"which is filled with sexual and crude themes along with language. It's about two women, Mia and Mel who have developed a cosmetic company that faces a buyout. The beauty business gets ugly in this R-rated comedy.

You can still take in the latest version of "Star Wars" and "Jumanji" along with "The Grudge" and "Spies In Disguise."

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