Sep 08, 2020 11:00 AM

Reno County numbers stable as of Labor Day

Posted Sep 08, 2020 11:00 AM

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The Reno County COVID-19 situation appears to be relatively stable, judging by the numbers on the county's COVID-19 dashboard as of Monday evening.

There are 135 active cases, 83 of them are in the Hutchinson Correctional Facility, with two connected to Hutchinson Community College. There are no other active cases in the remaining clusters in the county, which leaves 50 non-cluster related cases as of Monday evening.

809 residents have tested positive since the beginning of the pandemic, with 673 recoveries and one death.

The current testing statistics show 7,215 total tests administered, with 6,406 negative, for an overall positive test rate of 11.21%, and a community test rate of 7.28%.

According to a post late last week from the county's school districts, the positive test rate would, if it were being used, put the districts in the yellow zone in the county's gating criteria. However, that rate is not being used because testing is not widespread enough yet to make the positive test rate a valid number.

The county was allowed to use some COVID-19 relief money to begin more widespread testing. Some of that took place Saturday at the Hutchinson Clinic. Those test results have not come back yet, though they should be due later this week.

The current number that will be used to determine the gating criteria level for the districts when they begin using it September 11th is the 14-day new case count. As of August 28, that number was 78, which would also be in the yellow zone if that number does not drop between now and Friday.

In the yellow zone, on-site schooling would continue with grade level recess and modified transitions. Only active participants would travel to activities.