Nov 25, 2019 2:18 PM

HMS-7 to study hunger in the community

Posted Nov 25, 2019 2:18 PM

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — On a week when many in the United States will focus on an abundance of food, some students at Hutchinson Middle School – 7, will examine how hunger impacts their community. Students at the middle school will work on a project that looks at how the community might impact hunger.

In social studies, Mitch Bringle’s students will focus on each hunger throughout the ages. Students will look at a timeline about how hunger has popped up throughout major times in our history. Students, in turn, will be asked to create their own timelines on how hunger has affected history.

Lori Meis’ math students will be looking at the numbers. Meis will look at the numbers, break down the data, and then have students crunch the numbers.

The math teacher also is spearheading a food drive in which the whole school will participate. The food will be donated to a Reno County agency. However, before it is donated, the food will be used to calculate how much food would it take to end hunger in Reno county, along with various other questions related to this donated food making a difference throughout the community.

Other projects in the school include Mary Rains’ English class, who will discuss the big questions and analyze informational sources to help students do so. Students will use critical thinking skills to really discuss questions related to hunger. Also, Shandi Webster’s science class will help students write the recipe for ending hunger by assembling the ingredients of hope through a visual recipe or an actual family recipe.

The project is a partnership with Students Rebuild, a program of the Bezos Family Foundation. For every recipe that is submitted, a financial donation to a community-based organization will be made by the foundation.