Apr 08, 2021 9:39 AM

Both Blue Dragon Men and Women punch tickets to Region 6 Final Four in Wichita

Posted Apr 08, 2021 9:39 AM

Both the Blue Dragon Men and Women are headed to Wichita Friday for the semi-finals of NJCAA Region 6 at Friends University.

HutchCC Women will play Independence at noon on Friday.  The HutchCC Men will play Coffeyville.

Tickets are only sold on-line and limited to 400 fans.

Ticketing Information for the 2021 Region VI Basketball Tournament


All tickets for the 2021 Region VI Basketball Tournament must be purchased online. The KJCCC website (basketball pages) will have a link to the online ticketing page by going to www. kjccc.org/tickets.

General admission tickets may be purchased online by the public beginning at 8am on Thursday, April 8. Ticket sales are limited to 400 per session. Ticket sales will not be available through Friends University. College recruiters should purchase tickets online for each session they plan to attend.

The tournament will be broken into four separate sessions. The arena will be cleared after Sessions 1 and 3, Friday and Saturday, before allowing spectators holding online tickets in for the evening sessions.

Session 1 Friday12 Noon, women's semifinal game
2pm, men's semifinal game (arena cleared following)Session 2 Friday6pm, women's semifinal game
8pm, men's semifinal gameSession 3 Saturday12 Noon, women's Division II championship game
2pm, men's Division II championship game (arena cleared following)Session 4 Saturday6pm, women's Division I championship game
8pm, men's Division I championship game

Each team participating will have their typical team travel party and administrator pass list, as well as access to purchase 50 tickets per session they are competing in via a passcode that will be sent to them by the region directors. This passcode will only work for the session their team is playing. Two hours before the start of the session any unclaimed purchased tickets will become available for general admission purchase.