May 15, 2024

Dole VA announces Tele-Emergency Care

Posted May 15, 2024 9:30 AM

Dole VA Medical Center

WICHITA, Kan. — The Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Tele-Emergency Care service. Tele-emergency care offers immediate access to medical assistance.

Veteran patients can dial 888-878-6881, then press 3 to connect with a health care provider 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No appointment is necessary, and there is no copayment for your visit.  

Our team of experienced nurses and emergency medicine providers will quickly assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate care for your condition. Sometimes, a quick phone or video appointment can get your health back on track! Best of all, we coordinate with your primary care physician and specialists to cover your follow-up needs.  

Conditions that can be managed virtually:  

  1. Cough, cold, flu and COVID symptoms  
  2. Sore throat  
  3. COPD and asthma flares  
  4. Eye redness & irritation  
  5. Tick and other insect bites  
  6. Rashes  
  7. Skin infections  
  8. Minor allergic reactions  
  9. GI illness  
  10. Urinary tract infections  
  1. Gout flares  
  2. Muscle sprains/strains  

Tele Emergency Care supports but does not replace in-person care. Call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency department if you believe your condition is life-threatening.  

As part of ongoing efforts to support Veteran health and well-being, Dole VA encourages Veterans across the region to take advantage of the Tele Emergency Care service and access medical assistance anytime, day or night.    

For more information about Tele Emergency Care and how to access our services, please visit Dole VA’s website at and click on the Telehealth tab, or call 316-685-2221, ext. 57875.